We are thrilled to tell the stories of real people whose lives were impacted by the Independence Stand-up Walker™. Our device is the bridge that allows users with mobility impairment to get back to a life of normal activity and engagement.


September 20, 2022

Our friend Caroline was born with cerebral palsy and just recently turned 18. We were connected to Caroline through her sister, Mary Jane (MJ), who is one of Lewy’s caregivers. After hearing about Caroline over two years ago, it was our goal to help her be able to be more mobile, and that the stand-up walker would be utilized to make that happen. 

Caroline was able to test a prototype unit a couple of months ago and it was an absolutely beautiful thing to witness. She was in the walker for approximately five minutes and was able to propel the unit on her own, using her legs, moving down the hallway. Caroline was all smiles. 


December 20, 2022

In 2021, my grandfather fell ill and became too weak to leave his hospital bed for six months and as a result, he lost all his muscle memory in his legs and feet. He was placed in a nursing home to work on regaining back his leg strength but it never came.

It wasn’t until my grandpa starting using the Independence™ that he was able to gain strength back in his legs after eight months. He continues to use the device each day and is now able to get out of his lift chair and into a wheelchair on his own. It has truly changed my grandpa’s life and his independence. It is because of this device that the sparkle is back in my grandpa’s eyes.


December 23, 2022

My father has not been able to stand on his own and when trying to get him up with a traditional walker he is so bent over that he loses his balance. With this walker he is upright and able to balance better on his own.

I am so appreciative of the opportunity my father has had to be able to stand up and move around with the help of this device! I am looking forward to him gaining even more movement with the continued use of this walker.