Helping individuals

find freedom again.

Everyone wants to enjoy life with a companion, friend, grandkid, neighbor, a pet, but relying on a companion for simple daily tasks can make an individual feel stripped of their identity. Living life with unstable mobility can limit the ability to do certain daily tasks. This limitation will often require the use of a device to stay active and ensure you have balance and stability.  

A simple design with a
monumental difference.

When individuals are in need of stability when walking most people turn to crutches, a cane, or a waist-high walker, but each option comes with drawbacks.

  • Crutches are painful and awkward and sometimes make balance issues more pronounced.
  • A cane is cumbersome and would not provide support if you lost your balance.
  • A waist-high walker does provide stability to your balance, but it can lead to other issues with posture.

Then what about the people who have limited use of a hand or arm? Suddenly these options are no longer viable leaving the individual in need of something that can support your body. This new stand-up walker offers those individuals a stabilizing device,  and even offers those with available hand motion the ability to free up the use of their hands!

The difference of this stand-up device compared to other stand up walkers on the market is where your arms are positioned. This revolutionary design takes the concept of a waist-high walker and brings the frame up to a person’s armpits.  Your arms then hang to your side (like crutches) but it allows you to carry groceries, a beverage, or hold someone else’s hand.

If you need a device to walk from the recliner to the kitchen in the home or use it to go from the car to the grocery store, this device will help you maintain balance while doing everyday tasks.  This device has become the bridge to help you live the life you used to have with the life you are faced with now.

Right now this design is in the prototype phase until more research can be done to determine its many uses and benefits.  We are determining the interest level of the market and gathering information for future orders. Pricing has not yet been determined, nor has a release date been established but we wanted to get the word out that a new option in stand-up walkers is on the horizon.

How Lewy Found  His

Freedom In Roaming

Lewy is a farm boy from Iowa who has lived the past 48 years with a disability that limits his mobility and took away the use of his arms and hands. He has needed a wheelchair or a caregiver to be at his side at all times.  He created a device that allows him the freedom to participate in daily tasks with a goal of keeping his legs in shape and avoid being in a wheelchair for the remainder of his life.  He conceived of a device that can help him, and other individuals regardless of whether they have use of their arms/hands.  

It all started with a dream over several nights envisioning something to help him keep his legs in shape. He contacted an engineer, worked with a designer, secured a builder and now he too is able to go on a walk, attend a doctor’s appointment, or visit a restaurant with his spouse or friends without the use of a caregiver on his side.

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